Press Quotes

“ Luzko invested the notes with honesty and integrity…” “Ravel’s Sonatine, brisk and invigorating, stood out for the ripe phrasing and linear clarity she brought to the music…” “Nancy made the arrangements sparkle with colorful touches…”

-The Washington Post


“Brilliant Performance of Nancy Luzko: the pianist and composer delighted the audience during a concert in which she delivered her musical talent. Strength and temperament were evident during the concert…”

-Diario ABC Color


“Nancy Luzko: Musical talent that comes from the blood and the heart…”

-Diario Ultima Hora


“Nancy Luzko: a talented Paraguayan for the World…”

-Diario Noticias


“Nancy and Daniel Luzko conquer important achievements in the USA…”

-Diario ABC Color


“When silence is broken by chords, and the notes lead the way to the music, it is then that begins the magic that Nancy Luzko delivers through the piano, putting into manifest her art and talent…”

-Person of the Week: El Mercurio de Itapua


“Standing ovation for Nancy Luzko in successful concert in the USA…”

-Diario Noticias


“Nancy Luzko with outstanding international achievements…”

-Diario ABC Color